When people think of conservatories, they usually picture the bay-fronted, Victorian gothic style with steeply pitched roof and ornate detailing. Originally created in the 19th Century to accommodate the Victorians’ passion for exotic plants and ‘conserve’ them through the winter months, their appearance complemented the buildings of the time.

Our Victorian conservatories are either ‘three facet’, featuring a bay front and three main windows at wide angles, or five – that’s bay and five main windows. Both will create the attractive extra space Nottingham and Derby homeowners are looking for: it’s simply down to your personal preference.

Attractive and versatile, we’ll custom-design a Victorian conservatory to fit any space from a large garden to a small patio.

The advantages of a New Glazing & Bifold Rutland conservatory:

  • Planning permission isn’t usually required for a conservatory – although it is recommended to check on this.
  • The value of your property is like to be increased with the addition of a conservatory.
  • A new conservatory will provide you with an extra room that you can use throughout the whole year.
  • Each conservatory is designed to meet individual requirements.
  • There is a choice of coloured and wood-grain effect frames, as well as white.

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