New Glazing & Bifold French doors are a great way to create an easy transition to the garden. Opening outwards they enable you to fully utilise the space indoors whilst enabling maximum light and ventilation. They offer great versatility with the ability to lock one leaf closed or to open up both doors by securing them with cabin hooks to avoid them swinging shut in the wind.

Spectacular French doors can really complete the look of a patio or rear installation. French doors for sale from New Glazing & Bifold are designed, built and installed to a completely bespoke standard. This means we will never offer you an awkward one-size-fits-all solution! Buy French doors from New Glazing & Bifold, and you’ll have access to a wide variety of stunning styles, builds and materials. Furthermore, all of our options can be easily installed as part of existing home solutions or as part of new builds. We’re pleased to build custom French doors for sale for a variety of purposes, and it all starts with you – you call the shots!

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